Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fitness:Abs-movement amplitude

Many beginner and even experienced body builders often ask the question:What should be the amplitude of my crunches?And thats a very good question,when making stomach exercises there should be a border for your movement both going down and up.Otherwise the effect could be a injury,pressure other muscles and less effect on your abs.You are seeking for the answer of this question two?Than read my friend!

The upper border is reached when the body is about 30 degrees from the floor, if you go over it you will include the muscles of your pelvis. When you are doing crunches you should be pulling your lower chest to your pelvis-imagine you want to touch your pelvis with your lower chest. The movement in the back and the chest should be as low as possible, it will be even more you can isolate them at all.

This amplitude is valid for all exercises which start with legs,pelvis and chest in one line.

When going down you should stop right before your shoulders hit the floor. If you dont you will give your abs a rest.Maybe you know that the abs are adjusted to repeating contractions trough put the day so if you want to make them grow you should exhaust them far more then that they are use to. Also the abs are muscles that recovers very fast which makes even a little rest crucial to your abs building failure.

But if you start to feel pain in your back ,let the erectors of your spine rest-just lie on the floor.
The erectors are the muscles that with the abs form a belt around your spine and keep it straight. They are pressured when lowering from the crunch.

In crunches you should do everything under control. Make the movement amplitude short and clean and make sure you pressure the rectus abdominis. For maximum results make the crunches slowly,controlled and with no rest. Only that way they will have total effect on your abs.

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