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2 Of The Easiest Ways To Fight Nail Fungus

feet without nail fungus

You have fungus on the nails of your feet or hands?

Unfortunately this is a common diagnosis. Around 15% of the people in my country (Bulgaria) have it. The nail fungus is very persistent and can very fast spread on the skin which makes the timely treatment very important.

Where do we get infected

Fungus are everywhere in our daily encirclement, but mostly in warm and moisty
places like the sauna or the showers. Usually the healthy nail is not easily infected. There should be certain factors:
  • Wounding on the nail or the skin around it.
  • Active sporting that leads to nail traumas.
  • Usage of unaired, tight shoes or gloves(rubber boots, rubber gloves or sport shoes).
  • Activities in a moisty surrounding.
  • Bad blood circulation, which leads to low blood supplies to the hands and feet.
  • Slow nail growth(for older people).

There are a couple of herbs that can do the trick like Tea tree, garlic, lemongrass and oregano ( see my post about the top 5 herbal nail fungus herbal treatments here )  but the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to remove nail fungus I know is povidone iodine. This is a medicine used to kill microorganisms without harming the human cells.

povidone iodine
this is not the same that I used, but it gives you an idea of what to look for

So how do I use this medicine?

Scratch the surface of your nail with an emery board that you will use only for this purpose, and dab it with the Povidone iodine, then smear some nail polish on it. That's all, do it for 3-4 days and you will see and feel the effect.

The Next Best Thing

In case you can't find Povidone iodine, the next best thing is ZetaClear. It consists of a topical solution and an oral homeopathic spray The special soothing oils in Zetaclear Solution move under your nail to promote healthy nails. And the spray delivers ingredients that deal with the problem from the inside. The solution and the spray contain a lot of great ingredients and if I list them all, this post will simply become huge. Therefore, if you want to know them, just visit the link below.

To check out ZetaClear click here!

After you have removed the  fungus you should follow this basic rules to protect your self from another infection:
  • Cut your nails regularly but not too short, do it with caution and be careful not to wound them.
  • Wear cotton socks that can be washed in higher temperature and change them every day.
  • Dry you feet and hands after you wash them, keep it dry!
  • Use privet tools for manicure and towel, change it regularly and wash it in higher temperature.
  • Wear shoes that allow air conditioning.
  • Don't go barefooted to any gyms, swimming pools, hotel rooms and places of this kind.

This way of removing parasitic fungus is fast and effective, if you use it I'm sure that the results will be great. Don't forget to follow the rules above and your fungus problems are over!

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