Monday, September 17, 2007

6 misunderstantings about food related to diabetes

Are there any "myths" about food that you should know if you suffer from diabetes? Is really everything we hear the truth?

Yes there are myths and no there are many misguides about these kinds of food. Here are 6 of them:

wholemeal bread
Wholemeal bread raises the level of blood sugar less than normal bread

Both raise it equally!

Sour green apples raise the level of blood sugar less than yellow and red apples

The sugar content of an apple is not defined by its color, but from the size. Another very common misunderstanding...

The soaked in water potatoes dont raise the level of blood sugar because the starch is removed

By soaking the potatoes in water you don't remove almost any of the starch, so eat less potatoes and more vegetables !

carrots and beetroots

Sweet vegetables like carrots and beetroot should be expelled from your diet

On the contrary! The sugar from them is hard to digest, but they contain a big amount of fibers. That's why they dont raise the blood sugar.

Buckwheat porridge lowers the level of blood sugar.

There is no food that can lower it. There are only foods that don't raise it. The buckwheat raises blood sugar levels no less than the rice.

Honey dosent raise the level of blood sugar because half of it is fructose

The sugar is a refine of what honey is made from,so honey raises the blood sugar as much as sugar does.

These are 7 of the myths about food related to diabetes.Remember that as much as it is important to be careful about what you eat, it is also important to look out for how much you eat!

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