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Vitamin Table:Vitamin A

Its important to know the effect of the vitamins out there. They have many great effects and can support a great health. But for that to happen you need to know what "B complex vitamin" means.

I will tell you about vitamins and the effect they have.

Lets begin with Vitamin A
vitamin A

This is the first vitamin to be discovered thats why its effects I will reveal first.

Vitamin A has a large number of uses in the body including keeping eyes healthy, aiding cell growth and also helping boost the immune system. However, vitamin A is not only absorbed directly but it is also created by the body by converting beta carotene into vitamin A.

It can be found in foods such as eggs, milk, liver and meat. Beta carotene that the body can convert into vitamin A is found in many fruits and vegetables, especially the red, orange and green colored ones. Remember consuming big amounts of vitamin A is toxic! The exact limit depends on age, sex and other factors. But there is a far higher limit for beta carotene so concentrate on receiving the greatest amount of beta carotene which the body can then convert to vitamin A, rather than consuming vast quantities of pure vitamin A rich foods.

Do you know why rabbits see in the dark? Due to the vast amounts of beta carotene(which is converted to vitamin A) in carrots they have healthy eyes. Other foods with high level of beta carotene are tomatoes and dark green leafy vegetables, such as spinach. Beta carotene is not only used to form vitamin A, but it is also a powerful antioxidant in itself. None of the beta carotene that is absorbed is wasted as any excess after conversion to vitamin A has taken place is used to fight the harmful free radicals within the body.

Vitamin A also helps to fight illness and infections by by helping tissues that line various parts of the body, including the eyes, mouth, nose, throat and lungs, to grow and also to repair them if they are damaged to prevent infection. Children also need plenty of vitamin A to help their bones and teeth to develop properly.

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