Saturday, August 4, 2007

Vacation:The Vacation Deprivation Syndrome

People oftenly underestimate the importance of going on vacation,not knowing that it is a big mistake.In medicine there even is a term and it is the " Vacation Deprivation Syndrome " .This syndrome is a main reason for a lot of disease.

American psychologists state that when a person is in a everyday clash with stress and underestimates the need of a good rest he is literally poisoning his organism!According to a research made in the US the workaholic has a shorter life even from the alcoholic.

The same US psychologists underline that the organism is non stop under the influence of cancerogenic and other health damaging the organism substances.

The American Psychosomatic Society have published statistics that going on vacation for 2 weeks per year minimize the risk of death with...20%!(thats why this summer i had 2 different vacations for one week each,actually the second is starting at the 8 of august so i will not be posting for 1 week :P)

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