Monday, August 20, 2007

Romance the next step

In the first post about romance we talked about how you have to act before you actually start interacting with the person of your interest .Thats the way to make people be interested in you two.Quick flash back:
  1. Keep your chin up!
  2. Pull the shoulders back,and your chest in front .Your walk and stance should not be like you are making a bow to everybody.You are not a slave you are a king!
  3. Smile all the time,but not your best smile.Keep it for the person you like that way you will show him that he is not equal to all the other people you bump in to!
  4. Glue your eyes to these of the object you desire .But not to much just enough to make him/her begin to fill nervous .

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There is something i forgot to say thinking that its normal and there is no need to remind anybody...keep an ideal higiene !Always be clean and tidy .By tidy i dont mean you shirt in the pants and the belt under the chest...This is a tidy guy:

romanceThe guy has combined the colors good,has a good watch (important) and i hope he dident underestimate the shoes ,you shouldn't!

Enough with this lets get to the real deal.When you actually meet the object of your love or whatever your feelings are.

First of all guys you have to show the girl that you are harmless and so are your intentions .Its normal that on a first date or talk the girl will be looking out for that.You have to show her that you are not going to hurt her and make her fill comfortable with you.You need to smile widely and sincire and again keep your eyes on her eyes . Not the tits! And avoid sexual remarks that will make her think that all you want is sex ,even if it is so act like a gentleman .

Another thing is charm .People think that charm is something that you are born with .But that is not true,charm comes with a lot of practice ,out speaking with other people,in front of the mirror or how ever, you just need to understand how to make people feel good around you seducing is 10% confidence , 10% outlook ,10% intelligence and 70% charm so you will need to work on that one .The key is to see how people react on things you do,things you say, gestures and mimics .Also look what you find annoying in other people and avoid it.

I mentioned intelligence.This is a huge erogenous zone and a powerful weapon in the war called love .If you can make the women think ,attack her intellect and show her that you are really interested in what she thinks about problems that smart people would discuss .I think its no need to say that asking her opinion on sports,cars,sex,x girlfriends,boobs,buts and shaving will not do the job...

Every body knows that women are emotional.The level of her emotions and the level of how much she likes you depends on estrogen.And a sensitive man can rise the estrogen sky high.
So act sensitively listen to what she is speaking about,react,be a part of the stories she says,laugh,interact and when you start to speak reach in to her feelings.Tell stories that will make her go trough emotions and the more romantic the stories the more she will feel like she wants you.But dont push it!

Be a gentleman but a gentleman doesnt only open doors and act nicely you can do that and still be a idiot . The real gentleman knows all the social etiquettes and acts by them!
The last touch to the spell is personality . You have to combine all that we spoke about and make it unique , decorate it with your individuality .

Thats it for now i hope it is a help to you.Actually im sure that if you have the courage to go out and the that it will help you.For those of you that prefer to do it step by step and not jump in the deep waters immediately i recommend online dating :

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Philip said...

It's funny!! I know more things by reading
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SSotirov said...

happy you find it funny but i prefer it to be useful :)