Saturday, August 18, 2007

The power of Herbs:Ginger or Zingiber Officinale

The herb Ginger aka Zingiber officinale is used all around the world as a instrument to help digestion and blood circulation . It expands the circulation in the peripheral parts of the body like the cerebrum,the palms and the feet . Very good for nausea and bad digesting. Increases the movement of the lymph and helps eliminating the mucus from the upper respiratory organs and the lungs . Decreases the cholesterol and the blood pressure .Increases the sweat and the depuration trough the skin . Helps removing mucus from the cerebrum and sinus areas.The Ginger also prevents the development of coagulum in the blood.

Used parts:


Dried roots

The Ginger also is a good tonic , anti-acids , relaxes the nervous system , carminative , afrodisiac , smells good and many many things but these are its most important functions .

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