Saturday, August 4, 2007

Juicy Power:Carrot Juice

carrot juice
The carrot juice is great!I mean it helps the digestion,the structure of the teeth,the eyes,the lever,fights disease like cancer, it is rich on vitamins:A,D,E,G and K,helps the skin,even sterility can be healed through carrot juice.This is the miracle of our century!

The carrot juice is a natural dissolvent for gastric ulcer and cancer disease.But in order to help it needs to be well prepared (to be well drained from the cellulose ) but keep in mind that all foods containing concentrate sugars,starch and all types of flour should be expelled form your menu.Also note that it is proven that cancer disease are caused from continued negative nervous excitement specially in the early ages so if you want to prevent them you have to begin from there.Be sure that your children dont suffer from fear, anger, stress, frustration,envy etc. otherwise no methods of healing will help.

Carrot juice can prevent skin disease like dermatitis,acne and other.Also eye disease like ophthalmia, conjunctivitis and others.

It cleanses the liver and dissloves the substances that block its channels.
All of this makes the carrot juice just what the doctor ordered and my favorite juice.Drink it fresh and dont forget the daily dose of 0,5-4 liters.

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