Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Juicy Power: Tomato Juice

tomato juice
The fresh tomato juice is extremely healthy product.It is a big help to the stomach.But it can have a negative effect if it is canned or limed,or if it is in a mix with concentrate sugars or starch,in this case the tomato juice can cause acid reactions in the stomach.
The tomatoes contain a lot of lemon and apple acids and less oxalic acid.They are very good for the metabolism if they are in organic form.When we lime or cane the tomatoes the acids obtain a non organic form and they harm the organism.But the effect is spotted in time,sometimes gravel and bladder stones are caused from the consumption of canned or limed tomato or in a mix with concentrate sugars or starch.
The fresh uncooked tomato juice is rich on sodium,calcium,potassium and magnesium.
In conclusion if you want to help your self drink it fresh and uncooked if you want to harm somebody(your mother in law maybe?! ;) ) lime it,cane it,mix it with concentrate sugars and starch!

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