Sunday, August 5, 2007

Jogging leave the fat in your dust!

The jogging is the most simple way to reduce your weight and break away from your everyday problems.But to do so you have to jog the right way!

Step by step!The first thing that you have to know about jogging is already discussed in this blog and it is the fact that you cant eat a elephant in one bite.Tough your enthusiasm you have to begin slowly.Dont push your body too much cause it may not like it.Instead just expand your mileage step by step maybe 10% every week is good.

Always check your pulse!If you want to burn more calories keep eyes on your pulse.Check that it goes no higher than 60-75% of the maximum(220-you age(no point to lie this time ;) ) ).If it goes lower you are not working hard enough and you will not reach your goals but if it goes higher you risk you own health.Best way to keep track at your pulse is to put your fingers on one of your arteria and dont push hard because it will get slower.Count your pulse for 10 seconds and then multiple it by 6.
  1. Start with fast walking and than go in to running.
  2. the back hase to be straight,the chin should point up and lean the body slightly t forward.
  3. Meet the ground with you heel or with the foot not with your fingers.Fold the elbows approximately in 90 degrees.Move them forward/backward not upward/downward
  4. Breathe calm in the rhythm of the jogging.
  5. If you feel pain in the waste area it means that you dont breathe good enough.Stop jogging and just walk for a while,and breathe deeply from the mouth.

Make it fun!The way to do this is by jogging with friends,having a mp3 player with you,going to different places,participate in contest like jogging.The last one is a great method and i recommend it cause it also brings better results but dont forget not to push your body too much.

Always run in the same day time!Pick a hour and stick to it!Otherwise you will just keep canceling it for later.Of course I think that its not necessary to say that you have to jog every day...!Some people prefer morning,other in lunch break but night..not a good idea who knows what creeps may be hiding in the park.

Never run on asphalt!Before you realize the hard landing will already have injured your foot,knee and even back!Always run in forest roads or park alleys.
Avoid jogging immediately after eating!

Buy some good equipment!Be generous to your self in this one.Specially for the shoes make sure that they are from high quality i

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