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Hypnosists ,especially entertainers love to make hypnosis look mystical and like they obtain some kind of special power that normal people dont.Well thats true!Yeah right and im the queen of England.Everybody can hypnotize trust me!

And what exactly is hypnosis if not some kind of magic?

Hypnosis uses the power of WORDS and IDEAS you can create in your subject`s mind. Everybody can deliver words.But the difference between hypnosis and normal conversation is that these words and ideas have to be surrounded with the complete attention of the person.
Actually hypnosis is used everyday and you dont even know you were hypnotized.Think about the sales guy who sold you something you never even used and deep in your mind you knew you were not going to use it but it ended up in your huh?

A quick example of using words and ideas:

A friend once told me a story:

He was sitting in front of his PC and was reading some article.At one moment he started to pay attention to other things.He noticed the contrast of the black letters to the withe sheet,the space between words and the space between the body of the letter i and the dot.He felt his chest going up and down while breathing...Did you do the exact same things?

A good example is also with food if i explain to you how i eat a sour lemon you will fill its taste and your mouth will fill with saliva.There is a law i once read and i think it was like this:
"Whatever you hold in your mind at any given time, your body moves toward that direction. Your body can be directed to move in a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual direction."
Thats something like the law of hypnosis and another law is always to be confident in what you are doing even if you are not very sure and things dont go as planned.If your subject fills confidence in you and your voice he will be a lot easier to hypnotize.

Thats it for now have patience soon i will post exact techniques of hypnosis!Its a lot of fun and can really be useful.

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