Saturday, August 18, 2007

High Temperature

high temperature
Having high temperature is a natural process in which the body removes quickly toxins including matter , mucus , parasites and cells . The skin is the largest excretory organ .According to the American association of medicine in normal circumstance the human skin eliminates 900 grams of drop out products .During depuration its volume grows.

Most people have temperature around 39'5C.Always drink a lot of water , fruit or vegetable juice during depuration .Never leave the body dehydrated .You can use cold showers , tubs or place cold , wet towels on your forehead or neck.

For children its normal to go up to 40-40'5C so dont panic .Again its most important to obtain more liquid . High temperature kills many parasites using trough the heat and the increased number of leukocytes .

Temperature higher than 41C starts to kill cancer cells , and higher than 43C starts to kill your health cells .

The body temperature is raised by the thyroid and the hypothalamus from the depurated from the cells interleukin-1 ,who after that stimulates and releases prostaglandin R2 and the hypothalamus who provokes diaphoresis . This dilates the blood-vessels and activates the sweat glands . The sweat exports the toxins trough the skin , after which these toxins oxidate or are washed away . Its very important that we help the body to free it self as much as possible from those toxins . The high temperature stimulates the the immune system to increase the the leukocytes and the interferon . This makes the immune system a lot stronger its like its army is grouped for battle .

The body has a mind of its own , we just need to understand it . Never fear the natural process wich the organism uses to keep it self healthy . Dont fear high temperature , understand it ! If you have to fear anything related to it that dehydration . Learn as more as you can about the natural body processes it will be of great help to you in your path to healthy life .

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