Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fruity Life:Avocado

The avocado has anti-inflammatory effect on the stomach mucosa and the guts,helps blood formation,lowers the cholesterol and is a antioxidant.

Avocado is recommended for people with gastric ulcer and the duodenum ,gastritis, atherosclerosis and hypertonia.Due to its low amount of sugar it is good for people suffering from diabetes.

A tea of the leafs,the seeds and the skin of the avocado are used as treatment for diarrhea.
In France ,on the base of avocado oil, is made a medicine used to heal skin and dental diseases.
  1. In order to ease the itch when having psoriasis its good to eat half a avocado fruit.
  2. When suffering from constipation I recommend you eat a avocado sandwich.Two peeled and smashed avocado fruits are mixed with spoons apple vinegar and one spoon lemon juice.Than the result is smeard on a fin slice of bread .

As you can see Avocado is used mostly for stomach problems.If you have them dont waste your time go to the store and buy one.

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