Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fruity Life

Fruit diet much like vegetable juice diet has a cleansing and regenerating effect on the body tissue and cells.It is highley rich on food enzymes .There are known around 200 diseases know that can be healed with a fruit diet it is also proven that it sharpens the mind and emotions.I dont recommend fruit diet for people that are running away from a hard emotional time or depression.

Some people belive that fruitarianism(fruit dieting) is the original diet of mankind in the form of Adam and Eva.And fruit dieting will get them closer to paradise.If this can help you reach 80-90 or even 100% fruit dieting im ok with it.Well thats the basic that is to know about obtaining a Fruity Life.Oh and one more thing,when going to such a diet from normal eating that includes animal products and processed sugars you have to do it step by step.Unlike fruits foods like these create cravings and are hard to stop at once and can possible harm you.

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