Friday, August 17, 2007

Fitness:Drinking Raw Eggs

Old school? Yeah! Cool looking? Sure! Effective? Well yes! Recommendable? No! Negative side effects? Yeah! Can you substitute it with something less harmful and with the same/better results? Yes!

This is a FAQ on drinking raw eggs. Did you ask yourself these questions and didn't get the same answer?

Well let me explain:

Old School-Drinking eggs started in more than 100 years ago. And for around 90 years it was prised by many fitness gurus. Even Mr. Universe Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed that drinking huge amounts of eggs daily will make your muscles grow fast and big.

Cool-well after all rocky balboa did it (as you can see from the video), so did Arnold and many other boxers and fitness guys. Whats cooler than that?

Effective-Drinking raw eggs help muscle gain due to its big amounts of protein. Plus they are cheap so its not a problem drinking a few eggs for really high protein gain.

Negative side effects-Drinking raw eggs can cause chills, diarrhea, muscle weakness, dehydration and the worst salmonella. And also if you drink more than 10 eggs daily you can cause biotin deficiency. Symptoms for it are :
  1. brittle finger nails.
  2. thinning hair and/or loss of hair color.
  3. baldness(heard of a guy having random bold spots due to drinking to much raw eggs).
  4. a red, scaly rash around the eyes, nose and mouth.

Can you substitute it with something less harmful and with the same/better effect?
If you really want to stick to eggs you can just start cooking them. Its not true that when cooked they lose the proteins. Some fluids might be lost due to the heat but they still are a good protein source.

In order to build big and strong muscles you will need to achieve a positive protein balance. This means your body will have to make more protein than it will break. Of course, if you make less protein than your body breaks down ( negative protein balance), soon your muscles will become smaller and weaker.


Wally W said...

Ok your article doesn't make sense. Do you have your source here or this is just hearsay.

You first said that raw eggs pack a lot of protein as a positive effect.

Then you said one of the negative effects is muscle weakness? That doesn't make sense! If it has a lot of protein and if you work out then your muscles shouldn't get weaker.

SneakyWho_am_i said...

@Wally, the protein could build big muscles but they could become weaker if you contracted some kind of bacterial infection. I'm sure that there are diseases out there that can rob energy from your cells or from transports like your bloodstream. AND, if your body's immune system has its pedal to the metal, then all that energy going into immunity is energy that should normally be used to power the huge muscles built by the egss ;)..

So I think the point is that the eggs are good but that there are few/no benefits and only risks if you consume them raw.

Having said all this, I too would like to see some sources. By what mechanism can drinking raw eggs cause muscle weakness? After all, I'm not explaining, I'm just speculating.

alexpapa said...

Agreed with Wally, this lacks facts.

The biggest concern for people consuming raw eggs is Salmonella. Many studies and many statistics show that Salmonella will only be transferred from a sick hen through to the egg and the numbers are so low (0.003%) that the average American will only encounter a salmonella infected egg every 40 years or so.

In addition to this, salmonella is a self-limiting disease, it's very likely you have been exposed to the bacteria and have been just fine. I wouldn't exactly recommend pregnant women or young children to eat raw eggs, but if you are a healthy adult your risks are so extremely low it's not even worth thinking about - just make sure the eggs are fresh and refrigerated.

As for biotin deficiency, yes this is true if you ONLY eat the egg whites - and only if you consume a lot of them. Egg yolks contain biotin, one of the highest concentrations found in natural foods - the egg is marvelous this way.

tropang_quickpick said...

I can vouch for the efficacy of raw eggs and its nutritional value. My grandfather drinks raw eggs in the farm. But I also agree that there are dangers here, I think you just have to make sure that the eggs are safe. In the farm where my grandfather have his own chickens, he can make sure of the eggs cleanliness.

rahul goyall said...

i use to drink 40+ raw but whole day was upset stomach n loooose motions..

rahul goyall said...

i got lots of loose motions