Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Weight Loss 7 of the most common problems that can ruin your way to success:Problem 3

Before you read and maybe start doing what i will tell you in any of my posts please note that you have to Always consult a doctor before starting any type of weight-loss program.
Here is problem 3:
i eat because im bored
I like to say that boredom is the mother of degradation.Many things were made out of boredom.Hitler was bored and said to him self "hay why dont i take over the world?!".Well im not really sure about the last one :) but the point is that you should never leave your self to boredom!

Specially if you are on a wight loss diet.When you have nothing to concentrate on your mind and body remind you about the changes you made and want you to go back to normal(wich is eat,eat and eat)and when you have no thing to think about you start thinking about the big stake or the chips you could have in 5 minutes.That what you should avoid if you really want to show your self and the world you are strong and you can reach your goals.The first thing you need to do is concentrate your mind on something alse and it better be a body activate like basketball, jumping on a rope,yoga etc.And dont forget to have a bottle of water on your side no matter what your doing.Some times you could be frequently confusing the hunger mechanism with that of thirst.Especially if you are on a good fat-loss program.You can be surprised what effect a few glasses of water can have if you take them when you fill desire to eat out of boredom.There is another trick i like.i call it the rebel will.Every time when you are bored and you fill the urge to stuck all sorts of junk food in to your stomach you can activate it.Its like that you say to your self "im a master of my body and mind i can do whatever i want whenever i want i cant be forced by anybody or anything to do stuff that could harm me in any way!!!"

I recommend you find your self good equipment for sports you can do at home and anytime you fill bored like jumping rope,punching bag etc.

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Rhadoo said...

Thank you for the great tips!

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