Sunday, July 29, 2007

Skin:Acne scars

A friend of my has acne scars all over his left cheek and he asked me if there is a way to remove them.A said yes!But the only ways i could think of were chemical pills, microdermabrasition, laser or strong exfoliation which still are expensive at lest at where I'm from.

So i got in to the issue and discovered a little bit more.The scars are caused by the body`s reaction to acne.When the body repairs the acne spots some times it leaves a mess which we know as acne scars(holes). Scaring is a very personal thing as some people never have acne scars and others who have had an equal amount of acne are left with holes all over the face.Also to some people acne scars go away in time but to other it has little change in there lifetime.And back to the question how can we fight scaring?Well the best way i know is to fight acne it self.Before doing anything please consult with a dermatologist.

First of all i would like to say that it aways takes time dont think that you will lose your acne over night.And dont fall for any lousions that promise "miraculous" results(the best cure i have come across is ).Results will come at 5-6 weeks and once it starts to go away you will know that you are on the right way.But that the beginning if you want to keep your self clean you will have to treat your self continuously so the little red bastards dont re-appear.And its good to know that what worked on your friend might not work for you.Your skin is different the reason for acne might be different so if your friends starts to clean and you are still "red faced" dont worry just change the treatment you will find it i ts just a matter of time!

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