Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I know from personal experience that having a romantic relationship can make miracles to ones` spirit.If you have the one you love beside you the spirit splendors and you fill that everything you were once thinking for impossible is in your feet.That gives romance a very important place in this blog.

So i will start from the beginning.No thats not the "seduction" part.It all stars even before you have noticed the person you like.A key to being liked from the opposite gender is the way you walk.I star with the walk cause its very important and Im actually pissed off seeng people walk out there with no life in them,no confidence at all.You just have to forget about walking and looking in your feet.Can you think of anyone famous walking like that?Brad Pit?No of course!They walk with the chin straight up.The shoulders pulled back the chest in front,thats what makes them look like the players they are!This has its psychological explanation.In the past what did the slaves do?They bow down the the stronger,the richer,the more respected,THE KINGS.Do you want to be a slave or a king?Think about with who the sexy girl next doors prefers to be.Surly the player.

Another thing is the smile.When you walk in the street and see a grumpy guy and one with a big smile who makes more impression and better?Please be the guy with the smile!Think that there is a sun in you and whenever you smile it shines upon everybody in your path.But one thing you have to remeber dont give your best smile.Hold it back until you see somebody that means something to you when your eyes need give him the big,warm smile.This will show him that he means some thing more to you and that you dont react to him same way you react to the paper boy.But before you go out all smiling practice in front of the mirror.Find how your smile looks best!

Than comes the eye contact.I like to call it sticky eyes :).When you see some body you like look him in the eyes let him know that you are interested.Dont be afraid that you can make him nervous that a good sign.And when you are in a company with that person do it when he speaks than when somebody alse takes the word keep your eyes on your person for a few seconds.Act like you are trying to take them of of him but they are just stuck.And if the object asks you why you stare at his eyes like that you can say"there is something in your eyes and i just cant stop watching them" or something like that.

Thats all for now work on it make you walk a king`s one!Smile!Make eye contact!Interact!And in a few days when i think you are ready i will make another post on the actual seduction.

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