Friday, July 27, 2007

The power of Herbs

In modern days the use of herbs is a matter of life and death.The power of herbs to cleans and regenerate cant be compared with any other medicament known to human medicine.Where the medicine fails to detoxicate the herbs succeed and due to not been put under chemical cultivation they have preserved the natural and energy power.Due to the strong cleansing effect the herbs give the body a
needed impact to clear it self from all inner obstacles.This helps the flow of blood,lymph and energy to the cells.

In the last 100 years mankind has don what no other kind has achieved,we have destroyed our own planet.The level of chemical toxication in the food,the water and the air is huge.Therefore if you dont start right away with detoxication and cleaning your body the chance you live your life in good health is minor.And the normal ways of healing will not help you.Not only that they are not as efficient as they have to be but they dont help you regenerate the destructed tissue of your body.The superiority of herbs is contained in the powerful healing components like acids,alkaloids,glanders and antioxidants.

The herbs are known as a gift from God and God has design each of them to help to different body parts but the best thing is that each of them help to more than one body part.
Herbs are ment to go trough heat treatment.This way it could be 100 times less effective.But dont forget that herbs are also food.They are made up from protein, carbohydrate and fat.Beside that they contain alot of plant fibers wich are very good for the stomach.

"Let food be your medicine and your medicine be food" Hypocrite the father of medicine
And lastly i will write you what i red in a article in the july 1992 copy of "food and drug law journal":

"The results of a huge research for the safety of herbs made by the fondation for researching herbs confirms the lack of proof that the toxic reactions of herbs can become a reason for worrying.The research is based on reports from the American association for control over drugs and Center for control over disease."

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