Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Juicy Power

Its well known that the human body is made from milliards of cells and all of them need feed properly. The element needed at most by the cells is called enzyme. Enzymes can be found in very large doses in the vegetable juices so that makes them an essential of every body meal (at least to those who want to eat properly). Back to enzymes. Its what allows the organism to live. Its the base of life. The enzymes are complicated and there main use is to help food digestion and its assimilation by the blood.

Why don't we just eat the vegetables instead of making juice with them? Don't we just waste cellulose? The answer is simple the digestion of food takes hours,and then it goes to the cells and also it needs a lot of energy from the body but the juices sometimes take just a couple of minutes and save a lot of energy. About the cellulose. Although it dose not feed the organism in any way the cellulose cleans the stomach so it is recommended to eat some plant food and not relay only on juices.

Its of main importance to drink the juices fresh and every day. The vegetable juice is the most nutritious food. But the be like that its very important that you squeeze them very good. Thats the only way the most important part of them leaves the cellulose.

How much do I have to drink a day?

Well the minimum is 1 liter the maximum 4 liters try to maintain these boundaries.
Those are some basic facts that will let you know about the "Juicy Power" next stop is juices from different vegetables.

Im not recommending any brands because its important that the juice is FRESH not from the store. Make it yourself!

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