Thursday, July 26, 2007

Frustration-fight it

At one point of my life frustration was a major problem to me but a couple of really simple things i learned within personal experience and a few books i read helped me overcome it.I was such a person type that when i was tryng to do something if it got wrong even a little bit i start to frustrate my slef become very angry and usually break stuff around me wich got me in to more and more trouble.But not any more actually instead of getting angry and mess up big times i look at problems as things that help me become more flexible in my path to reach the goals i have set.Here is what works for me and i hope will work for you:

First of all be positive!Lose the mindset "its hopeless" or "thats my luck".Wait a few seconds breath deeply think without hasting and take a look at exactly what is the problem and what you can go trough.Its a lot easier to remove your obstacles if you know what exactly you are up against.Than think about what your goal is and how happy you will be when you reach it.Than start thinking on the solutions and when you come up with one dont get to work right away.Go on and think a few more so if you fail your frustration dose not build up again.Knowing that you have a back door will keep you calm and surely you want give up on your goal because that the worst you can do!Thomas Edison said "Many of life`s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up"

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